Our Culture

KidZania’s Nation has a rich culture that honors its very own national symbols, monuments, language, tradition and national holidays.

National Symbols

As with any sovereignty, KidZanians desired artistic representations of their identity to promote a feeling of community among its people based on their common ideals.

To achieve this end, the kids created several National symbols in which to signify loyalty and allegiance to the spirit of KidZania and for promoting a sense of belonging.

National Monuments

Nowhere in KidZania is the Nation’s history and ideals better represented than by its National monuments. Designed to commemorate historic events and the important ideals of its celebrated residents Urbano, Beebop, Chika, Vita and Bache, these sculptures are a source of pride for KidZania’s CitiZens and a cause for inspiration to the Nation’s many visitors.

National Holidays

As any Nation, KidZania commemorates specific dates to celebrate their history and rich culture, including the Independence Day and Foundation Day.


Since the very beginning, the arts of KidZania have served to demonstrate the Nation’s unique point of view and have fostered a love for creating fine art.

KidZanians’ passion to make the world a better place extends to their creative activities. Inspired innovations and clever reinterpretations best express their artistic approach to life.

Language & Traditions

At KidZania, language plays an important role in defining an identity within its visitors and creating a strong cultural bond. KidZania has two types of language: the local language of the geographical area a KidZania City resides in, and the special terms that are specific to KidZania. These terms are a collection of words that are always spelled, pronounced and applied the same regardless of the City’s geographical location; it’s the way all KidZanians in the world communicate with each other.

People of KidZania

Several types of people populate KidZania. There are its tourists, the children who are not yet CitiZens and the adults who accompany the kids. There are its CitiZens, referred to as “KidZanians”, who work and shop in its Cities, administer its legislative branch and interact virtually through the Nation’s expanding system of communication. There are its governmental workers that are instrumental to KidZania’s City and state operations. KidZania’s utopian vision inspires unity in its people, making race, religion and cultural divisiveness nonexistent issues here.