• Mission

    To feature the very best educational entertainment experience in role-playing for our visitors, To deliver the most effective interactive medium of communication for our industry partners (sponsors), To promote the most recreational and supportive development environment for our team members, To provide the finest tools for supporting our business partners (franchisees), To achieve the greatest sustainable returns for our investors, To supply the highest level of commitment and participation to the enhancement of our communities and To champion the most supportive solutions for taking care of our environment.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to ignite the hearts and minds of kids everywhere by empowering them to make the world a better place.

  • Values

    Our values are the qualities we look for and champion in our people. They are characteristic to who we are and motivate how we conduct our business. They are the standards, which guide interactions amongst our visitors, industry partners, investors, communities and the environment.

    Our values are these eight qualities:

    • Passion: We are enthusiastic about what we do and how we do it.
    • Creativity: We are focused on using our creativity to be innovative.
    • Quality: In everything we do, we distinguish ourselves through our over-the-top quality.
    • Commitment: We are committed to our constituency.
    • Integrity: As a company and as individuals, our actions must be professional and truthful.
    • Result-Oriented: We are focused and driven towards obtaining goals.
    • Big Thinkers: Big Thinkers are visionaries, can see beyond the long view and think "outside the box."
    • Go-getters: Go-Getters are willing to help launch something new and accept full responsibility for the outcome. They are thriving, active, and energetic and are not content to stand by to see what happens.
  • Essence

    These are the qualities that are fundamental to our product. They dictate the purpose of our content, inspire the style of experiences we offer, and guide the development of all of our current products and our future extensions.

    Our essence is based on the fourteen qualities against which we test everything:

    • Kid Centered: We create places and products that are for and about children.
    • Role-Play-Based: We create products driven by the experience of role-playing.
    • Reality-Based: We immerse our visitors in a simulated reality.
    • Interactive: We design our content to promote activity immersion and social interaction.
    • Fun: We make the idea of fun universal.
    • Thrilling: We design our programming to deliver unexpected surprises.
    • Educational: We enrich our visitor's experience through activities designed with educational ideals in mind
    • Skills Developer: We promote the development of our young visitor's interpersonal skills.
    • Value-Promoter: We constantly endorse the most worthwhile values to encourage growth in our young visitors.
    • Safe: We promote safety in our designs, developments and operations.
    • Detail-Orientated: We differentiate our products through attention to detail.
    • Keep Current: We constantly innovate and renovate to keep our concept fresh.
    • Accessible to All: We make our content and our facilities themselves accessible to all.
    • Sustainable: We promote actions that will keep our business profitable and commercially viable.
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